Top Dance Moves

dance moves

Who doesn’t love to dance? When you get out onto the dance floor you can absolutely enjoy moving to the groove of the beat and it’s the time where you get to be you. However, dancing has come a long way over the last few decades and it’s quite unusual to say the least. Not too long ago, people were all stiff and didn’t really move but rather only shuffled their feet. Today, that has all changed! People are doing all sorts on the dance floor and you might want to get in on the act. So, what are a few of the top dance moves?

The Robot

How many have tried this dance move? The Robot might seem outdated and old but in truth it’s very much a classic dance move and one more and more are using each and every day. To do the robot, you basically stand static and act like a robot. You move slowly and with one arm, hand or leg at a time. It’s maybe not thought of as a top dance move so much today but it really is a classic one and it’s still seen very much throughout the world. You can see athletes trying this move and it’s still used in nightclubs too, even if it’s only occasionally.

The Dougie Move

The Dougie is a very new dance move and yet it really is a popular one for millions. To do this, you basically choose one side you favour; you put all the weight of your body onto one foot, the side of it really and sway to that side. It offers the illusion you’re swaying and you rotate as the move goes on. This dance move is really quite a popular one amongst many and it remains vastly utilized also.


You might not think doing the tango is a very popular dance move anymore but in certain circles this remains vastly popular. So, how can you do the tango? Well, you and your partner stand close together, you need a serious face and you go. This really is a popular option for dancers who love ballroom and it’s a popular move to say the least. However, it’s really a simple move to make and one that is quite popular too. learn more here!

The Stanky Leg

dance movesHave you ever heard of the Stanky leg move? If not, where have you been?! The Stanky Leg has been a very popular dance move for the last few years and it’s quite simple to do. You basically rotate your leg so that it moves in a circle or circular motion. Once you do this for a few seconds, you can switch to your other leg. It’s very simple and you can add a bit of arm movement if you want to. You could clap your hand or snap your fingers in tune with the music if you wanted to.

Love to Dance

Dancing is a unique thing because no two people dance the same! Everyone has their own unique style and interpretation of the music. However, dancing can be exciting and fun because you can play the music and your thoughts via movement. If you love to dance, why not look at a few new dance moves and try them out for yourself? continue reading from