Should You Be a Dance Instructor?

dance studio

You love to dance so much that you have decided that you want to do it for a living. Not compete in dance competitions but to teach dance to others. While you may just want to stay in dance as a participant or a student, there can be great rewards waiting for you as a dance instructor. According to an article, some of the great things about being a dance instructor include: you get to be creative, can learn from those around you, you get to tell a story through dance, being an instructor is a good way to give back, you get flexibility and freedom, receive support from student, you get the chance to give others opportunities, and of course, you have a really cool job. However, there are some down-sides to being a dance instructor too. According to another article, some of the negatives of being a dance instructor are: you miss being a student, plan on spending a lot of hours on the job, dealing with the parents if you are teaching kids, the kids and parents feel that they own you, the hourly pay can be risky because being a dance instructor may not be a full-time job, you are still being scrutinized, and some people will never see value in what you do.

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